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Our production team is skilled and experienced.
Whether it’s a simple equipment hire or a grand event creation, we always stay courteous, modest, and dedicated in our work.

We have coordinators, creators, experts, and our business teams ready.

projector pro

Projector rentals are a service provided by businesses that specialize in renting out audiovisual equipment for various events and occasions

led screen wall

We offer full production equipment for audio video and lighting services for all types of events. We are experts in live events, online conferences, and hybrid events

Pro light system

We stock pro lighting gear: party/club lights, lasers, effects lights, dimmers, moving lights, par cans, laser lights, restaurant lights, LEDs, spots, floods, DJ lasers, automated lights, consoles.

TV system

We have of LED, LCD and Smart TV Rentals in the Hong Kong Area. Our LCD Monitors start at 17″ and go up to 65″

pro sound system

Our inventory includes Power Speaker,processors,mixers,effects processors, compressors, limiters, mics, recorders, rack gear for live/recording sessions.


We stock standard and high definition cameras, tripods , monitors, video walls, screens, projectors, lighting and audio gear.

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What People Say About Us

Expert support – Good rental companies provide expert support and advice on selecting the right equipment and setup for your event needs. They can help determine optimal solutions based on factors like venue size, lighting, and audience needs.

Allan Patrick

Professional Musician

Delivery and setup – Reputable companies will deliver the equipment on time, set it up properly to ensure everything is working fine, and be on-standby for any technical support needed during your event. They will then handle dismantling and pickup after the event.

Jennifer Aster

Dancing Artist

Our Blog


  • HD LED Wall Rentals for Green Energy Exhibition

    HD LED Wall Rentals for Green Energy Exhibition

    High-definition LED large screen rental services are becoming increasingly popular for events and presentations of all sizes. These screens offer a number of advantages over traditional projection screens, including higher resolution, brighter colors, and wider viewing angles. As a result, they are ideal for use in a variety of settings, from corporate events to concerts and sporting events. In addition to their superior image quality, high-definition LED large screens are also relatively easy to set up and transport. This makes them a convenient option for events that are held in multiple locations. And because they are weather-resistant, they can be used both indoors and outdoors. If you are planning an event and are looking for a high-quality display solution, a high-definition LED large screen rental is a great option. These screens offer a number of advantages over traditional projection screens, and they are sure to make your event a success.

  • Epson 15K Lumens Laser Projector with 300-inch Screen Rentals for Presentations

    Epson 15K Lumens Laser Projector with 300-inch Screen Rentals for Presentations

    If you are looking for a high-quality and reliable projector for your presentation, you might want to consider renting an Epson 15K laser projector with screen. This projector delivers stunning images with 15,000 lumens of brightness and 4K resolution. It also comes with a large screen that can accommodate any venue size and audience. Whether you need to present in a conference room, auditorium, or exhibition hall, the Epson 15K laser projector with screen will make your presentation stand out and impress your viewers. You can rent this projector and screen for a reasonable price from our company. We offer fast delivery, easy setup, and technical support. Contact us today to book your rental and make your presentation a success.

  • Projection Mapping for Table Art

    Projection Mapping for Table Art

    Projection mapping is a technology that uses projectors to project images onto objects, creating the illusion that the images are part of the object itself. This technology has been used in a variety of applications, from large-scale art installations to product launches. One of the most popular uses of projection mapping is in art exhibitions. In these exhibitions, projection mapping is used to create immersive experiences that transport viewers to other worlds. For example, one exhibition might use projection mapping to create a virtual forest, while another might use it to create a cityscape that comes to life. Projection mapping is a versatile technology that can be used to create a variety of effects. It is a powerful tool that can be used to tell stories, create immersive experiences, and generate excitement.